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Baby Jogger City Select stroller makes light work out of two kids

April 19, 2012

Can’t bear the thought of a bulky double stroller?

ImageBaby jogger stroller has an amazing solution with an incredibly versatile city stroller, which has more configuration and options to consider in any kinds of stroller I’ve ever see.

I knew that this baby jogger stroller was going to be special in the minute i saw it. As a single stroller, the city select all of the stroller, but the lightweight is the easiest to fold and unfold stroller and you’re going to saw then all you can say is “this is a great stroller “. This is incredible solid stroller, which makes a pleasure to push. You can also use it by a remote control parking lot at the Golden Gardens, through gravel and an awkward a little trail under the bridge and it is a handled like a camp. This recline and sunshade are easy to use and the hand break is not only a simple to operate (not requiring your toes which you can you can case in often in sandals), but it puts a hard to stop on both back wheels. You can fold all as one piece but if you need to cram the stroller into a very full car as you can easily remove the seat and back wheels, making this one as a completely flat. You have been able to put it on your SUV in the most crammed of situations – like the day i need to stop at the dump, but also you had a doctor appointment.

ImageThe magic of their city select is really seen when you add the second seat. Configurations are endless- with this simple second seat, you children can face front or back and they can also face each other or away from each other. Some of the little sister in the back is fussy and they keep on kicking their big brother in the head? All you need to do is to simply turn her around. Just what i told you that it is a magic. As an optional attachment, you may add some bassinet or a car seat adapter, further increasing the variety of ways you can use the city select. Changing the position of the seats is very easy that will take just a second.

As far as versatility, you just can’t think of a down side to this stroller. A double stroller compact enough for the busiest day like a pike place, sturdy enough for a gravel or sand at any of settle’s parks or beaches, it will able to handle the fast pace of green lake. The seat has a weight limit of 45lbs, which will take many kids wheel into their fourth year. Want to brave the cowards at the Bite without the extra length of the second seats? Just simply remove it, and wear your second baby (or have a daddy to do it) and you can also have a great single stroller in seconds.

Baby jogger stroller went above and beyond in their design of the City Select. It really does nearly everything you could ask for it – but probably not on your own dishes or laundry – and it does it with ease, simplicity, and beauty. While adding a second child doe’s change the way you’ll push it (the extra weight on front that will make it a little harder to turn and keep straight on a slope), it’s still make easier than most doubles. It is a highly recommend that this stroller, it will give the 5 star which you almost do. It is sturdy and stunning, as useful as it is beautiful and honestly believe it that it will make the lives those with two small children much easier.


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